With a brand new year before us, we decided to look back to 2018 – a great year with quite surprising and unique trends and now we can’t wait to forecast the biggest jewellery trends of 2019. Jewellery designers are often thinking of a varied approach to femininity or style that will change all the norms of the society with breathtaking jewellery trends. Keep an eye for trending jewellery designs/pieces like these:


This year, watch out for the trendy, contemporary chokers to dazzle those evening parties. Everyone knows that the 90s fashion of chokers is back, and it’s here to stay. While it might be a new trend in the west, chokers have always been a predominant necklace style for ethnic Indian jewellery. Here are a few of our Indian choker necklaces that we predict to go trending in 2019. Studded with diamonds and pearls, our gold choker set is a perfect pick for this 2019!


A swooping trend of wearing showy rings on your fingers is swaying this year. Though minimalism is still not completely out, it is time to go big and bold in 2019 with statement rings. These larger than life rings complement even the simplest of outfits and can never be missed by anyone. From multi-coloured studs to fancy stones, get yourself some of the hand-picked and styled rings ornamenting your pretty little fingers.


The world of jewellery is vast with a wide range of colours, price, designs etc. While choosing the right type of jewellery for you might be a difficult task, gemstone jewellery has a unique charm of its own. These gemstones come in almost every colour known to mankind. They can add a dash of colour and beauty to plain metal jewellery and can easily form a part of any heirlooms. Apart from their astrological purposes or healing purposes, gemstones are a must add to any ensemble.


Let the simple round pearls take center stage in your jewellery. Flaunt them in the most appealing way this year. Pearls are best known for their elegance and versatility as they look great in traditional, contemporary as well as modern jewellery designs. Be it a simple pearl necklace or pearls hanging at the bottom of any kundan jewellery, it is impossible to resist the shine and lustre of a good pearl set. They add a charm to your look and also go well with all Indian outfits.


With vintage jewellery coming back in trend. Adorn your ethnic outfits with antique jewellery. Antique jewellery pieces are traditional enough to be worn on any festival, timeless enough to become a part of any heirloom and versatile enough to be paired up with a lehenga or even a sari. Predominantly made of gold, this is the most authentic form of jewellery with an intricate design and an alluring charm.

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