The festival of Holi holds a huge mythological relevance and we celebrate the same by keeping up with the tradition of throwing brightly coloured powder and water on each other. The same is said to come from the love story between two Hindu gods, Radha and Krishna. The main colours of the powders have symbolic meanings. Blue represents Krishna, Red represents love and fertility, green symbolises spring and new growth and yellow is the colour of turmeric, a spice native to India and a natural remedy.

As we already know, each colour has a separate and special significance in our lives and every colour elicits a different and unique emotional response in the viewer. This Holi, Bharti Jewellers is here with a guide that explains the emotions a certain colour carries so that your jewellery can leave the right impact on the people around you:

Blue is a colour that is very close to nature. Be it the blue sky or the blue colour of any ocean, it is a very widely used colour since it signifies one of the most important human emotion – trust. Blue is the colour of calm and serenity and as such inspires security and a feeling of safety, just like the calm ocean that hides away thousands of secrets and treasures away from the world. Blue is serene, trustworthy, inviting and the same emotions will be reflected in you when you embellish yourself, this Holi, with this pair of jhumkis designed with blue stones and pearls that reflect a sense of trustworthiness.


Red can take on a variety of meanings, associated with both love and war, but the unifying factor in all meanings is a sense of importance. Think of the red carpet and the attention attached to it. The catchy red implies dominance, power and even a sign of youthfulness. This festival of colours, picking for yourself a pair of red earrings like the image above and will help you grab all the attention you deserve.


If you wish to make new connections or just wish to establish some sort of an emotional resemblance with the people around you, the smartest way is to use the colour green in your attire or accessories. Green is a colour most instinctively known to humans and brings a natural sense of stability and prosperity. Green is said to have a calming effect on people due to it being the colour of most things natural. Wearing a ring with a mystical green central stone this Holi just can’t go wrong.


Pink is a colour that signifies a sense of feminism. Since jewellery is something more common for the female population, mixing the colour pink and jewellery is the perfect way to bring out your sense of youth and innocence. Take for instance wearing this bracelet on any white simple outfit and image how will be reflected by the combination of diamonds and the colour pink on this bracelet.


As the strongest of all colours, black is often used only sparingly and cannot be overdone in order to carry the correct impact and emotional connect. Black is a modern, sophisticated and edgy colour that yells out power and a sign of boldness. Combine your boldly painted nails with this bracelet to have the most bold and perfect style statement.


Literally the opposite of black, white pairs well with just about anything, making it ideal as a secondary colour. As a primary colour, white gives off an impression that is both clean and chaste. White has that spotless feeling which makes it look more virtuous and absolutely alluring and divine when paired with gold. For instance, this pair of earrings could go with any and most outfits and would be your perfect grab for this Holi celebrations.

Here was your quick little guide on choosing the jewellery that will suit you the best this Holi. Celebrate this festival of colours with adding some colours to your jewellery box as well. Shop right away at –