From birthdays to weddings and everything in between, flowers are an integral part of our lifestyle. It is as if humans have an eternal bond with flowers, right from the beginning of our journey. Flowers not just perk up our mood but also help in decor and in helping us express our emotions and they also take style and embellishment to the next level.

Flowers look best not only in wedding decor but also look great in your jewellery boxes. The immensely talented floral jewellery creators are furthermore leaving no stone unturned to smite us with their ethereal and ever-evolving floral designs in jewellery pieces. Keeping this sentiment in mind, Bharti Jewellers has crafted some exotic and stunning floral jewellery pieces for you that will perk up your look for any occasion with any outfit. Floral elements are integral in jewellery designs and it is true that floral designs never go out of fashion as they are timelessly passed down as heirlooms too.

This exclusive necklace is designed keeping in mind the beauty of adorning flowers and other natural elements in any jewellery piece. Along with the diamonds you can see rich green stones that symbolise nature and drop shaped cut stones forming flowers and leaves to celebrate the beauty of nature. The precisely cut diamonds towards the bottom of the necklace add more to the floral look of the neckpiece, making it a perfect floral jewellery design.

These long earrings are the perfect charmers for any occasion. Intricately cut diamonds put together to form flowers and ending in the classy dangler style, these earrings are not just modern and trendy but also your best pick for traditional outfits.

If you love wearing or stocking up on floral jewellery, this amazing piece just can’t be missed out! Colourful yet alluring, this bangle/ bracelet is the most unique and floral jewellery piece you will ever find. With the centrepiece being a huge flower fusing modern shades and kundan style, the entire piece is traditional and adorned with intricate floral, leaves, designs details are charming enough to make this your style statement in floral jewellery. The pearls give the perfect finishing effect to this bangle/ bracelet and there couldn’t have been a floral jewellery piece more perfect than this.

This ring is huge yet aesthetic in the best possible way. The huge central diamond has round diamonds placed around it to form the shape of petals and the entire ring is made of rose gold. Could this piece be any more beautiful? A perfect floral jewellery piece to add to your jewellery boxes!

Floral jewellery radiates endless charm and gives a feminine touch making you look elegant and classy. Picking on floral design is a way to easily get that perfect bling as they are always high on the personal style. Ladies, it is the time to go for the right pick and flaunt your floral look. Shop now at Bharti Jewellers.