While minimalism is safe and ever-trending when it comes to fashion, it’s now time to go big and bold with statement rings in 2019.

Statement rings are perfect accessories to complete your look for the day, but also serve as a piece of timeless heritage. Here are some reasons why you should keep aside your love for delicate rings and make some space for statement rings in your jewellery boxes and heirlooms:

This larger than life ring can adorn even your simplest outfits and make them look classy and complete. Big enough to be the centre of attention, this ring will change your look in a very simple way and will add a wow factor to your outfit. Beautifully designed with golden lotuses pattern on a contrasting dark blue base and central diamond pieces, this ring is a classic heirloom piece. With tiny white pearls affixed on the border of the ring, this rectangular unique ring is your perfect style statement.

This ring works well with any traditional outfits and can also be mixed and matched with the traditional or themed jewellery that you already own or intend to buy. This ring can make you look perfectly traditional with a perfect combination of colours and design. With a large central emerald-like stone surrounded with diamonds and swirling pattern of gold towards the edge, this vintage piece is synonymous to a grand attention-grabbing statement ring.

Statement ring designers are currently creating vintage looks by recreating old jewellery designs with a modern twist. Such rings are characterised by intricate details and a nice diamond on the focal point. They give you a feminine look and brighten up every bland day with the lustre of diamonds. Filled with teardrop designs and a central uncut diamond, this statement ring screams out not just elegance and allurance but also allows pairing with any type of outfits. Be it day or night, a classy occasion or an elegant one, this statement ring will work best for you.

When this ring sits on your finger, you hardly need any other accessories to complete your look. With this ring, your perfectly manicured nails will be the centre of attention with all eyes fixed on them. Being an oval fancy stone ring with a huge blue stone and diamonds around it, make this ring look like a kundan styled jewel, this statement ring works well on any traditional or fancy occasion.

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