Navratri is a festival of colours, joyful celebration and energetic vibes. It is one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals that spreads over nine nights, each celebrating a different avatar of Goddess Durga – who symbolises courage, strength, purity and the victory of good over evil.

This festival of Navratri is synonymous to fasting and pooja and also brings to mind the grand celebrations throughout the days and nights with garba, dandiya raas etc. This is the time when India comes abuzz with shopping new outfits and jewellery since every day symbolises a different colour. This season is also considered best for shopping for the upcoming festive and wedding season. While picking your statement ghagra outfit is a must, perfect jewellery that compliments your look will go a long way.

This Navratri, Jewellery Shopping will be more exciting with Bharti Jewellers. We have handpicked a special and exclusive Navratri collection for all the women out there who love dressing up on this festive occasion. No matter what your outfit, our Navratri Jewellery Collection will not only complete your look but will also make sure that you truly reflect the festive spirit of Navratri. Here’s more about our featured jewellery items :

This pair of earrings is a perfect fit for anyone who aims to have a festive look with a touch of elegance. With the top crafted in a teardrop shape and studded with diamonds, pearls and jade-like stones set on gold, these exclusive Navratri earrings are ideal for embellishing you with a charm of simplistic beauty. These jhumkis are a fusion of the mala style along with a chandbali base while the diamonds at the very end blend together to give these earrings a modern yet traditional look.

This pair of earrings along with a heavy gharga or chanya-choli is ideal to achieve a very ethnic and traditional look this Navratri. With the combination of gold, diamonds and pearls, your traditional look can never go wrong. These earrings are set in a blue base and have a dangling style along with the pearl mala finish at the base to make sure they look trendy and aesthetic but do not lose the timeless Navratri appeal.

This ultimate jewellery set is all you need to up your game this Navratri. Establishing the traditional mala style with pearls and setting a statement with the central jadau pieces using diamonds, gold, pearls and red stones, this necklace is the perfect match for any and every Navratri outfit. They come with matching earrings that fuse the mala and jadau style and definitely make you stand out while you dance on the tune of your energetic garba songs.

If you wish to buy jewellery that suits not only the Navratri season but also works for any other festive seasons, this necklace and earring set is what you are looking for. The necklace is specially designed with jade-like green stones and have small golden elephants on either sides since they’re considered as an epitome of auspiciousness. The central piece of the necklace that also forms a major portion of the earrings is a trendy and modern design that fuses well with the traditional strings that carry it. The pearls dangling at the bottom complete the beauty of this exclusive festive jewellery set.

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