In India, gold has a great cultural and religious significance since times immemorial. Amongst all the other precious metals, gold holds top position in Indian culture. As per Hindu mythology, gold is considered sacred and a symbol of purity. None of the Indian functions and festivals are complete without this precious metal. With the indestructible nature of gold and its shine, gold is also believed to have divine qualities. Hindus believe in buying gold – a metal that symbolises wealth, purity and divinity on some of the auspicious days and festive occasions.

India is a land of culture and traditions, where members of different faiths and communities participate in festivals across religious lines with equal fervour. One of the biggest festivals in South India is Ugadi, or Yugadi, which is celebrated across the Deccan, with Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh leading the celebrations. Known as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, this day is viewed as the beginning of the Hindu calendar, signifying the start of a new year. It is a day filled with joy and excitement, where people pray and mark the start of a new life, one which aims to usher in peace, prosperity and good luck.

While gold has various cultural prominences, it is also a fact that gold is not just bought to be worn or gifted, it is now also bought as a matter of investment. Keeping in mind the return yield of gold and the increasing price of this yellow metal, it is even more advisable to buy gold, especially on an auspicious day like Gudi Padwa.

Being an important part of the Indian heritage, gold has a great connection with festivals like Ugadi and Gudi padwa. As the new age is beginning, people believe to make a new start with gold purchase as it signifies purity and prosperity. Gold ornaments like earring and rings are bought for gifting on this occasion while gold coins or bars etc. are brought for prosperity as well as investment purposes.

Bharti Jewellers understands this sentiment and uses pure gold which is 100% certified. All our jewellery is BIS Hallmark certified. Here are some of our featured gold jewellery pieces for starting this new year on Gudi Padwa on an auspicious note:


If you want to buy gold for Gudi Padwa and also be able to use it later for various occasions and festivals, this ring is the perfect pick for you. The alluring design is enough to bring all attention to your hands and the charm of this ring lies in the unique leaf pattern and the white and green stones that act as central pieces, making the ring unforgettable.


This gold bracelet is perfect for celebrating a new beginning this Gudi Padwa. Just like modern day celebration of festivals, this gold bracelet is a perfect blend of the traditional leaf and floral gold design and a modern twist to the same in the form of the matte bracelet. Definitely a statement piece for this Gudi Padwa.


Earrings are the most common gifts received and given during the commencement of this new year. Whether you’re buying a gift for someone else or even for yourself, this pair of earrings is a must-add to any jewellery collection. The design is so unique and the colour combination of gold, blue and red works well to make this pair of earrings an enchanting one.

Now is the time! Make your choice to invest in gold this Gudi Padwa. Browse our jewellery here –