The months of November and December are packed with weddings. Especially in India, the wedding rituals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and one way of doing this is exchanging pieces of valuable jewellery. The bride is often decorated from head to toe with stunning, authentic jewellery to make it impossible for anyone to take their eyes off her.

People believe that gold and diamond jewellery bestow auspiciousness on the bride while authentic or unique jewellery designs make sure the bride is always remembered by the jewellery she wears. Be it the gold necklace design or even a simple necklace with a diamond pendant, it is a fact that jewellery symbolises a person’s personality and helps people to understand their choice better.

There is a constant tussle between choosing, heavy traditional jewellery or a modern jewellery design. The choice of jewellery becomes quite important as they get forever immortalised in your wedding pictures and stay as memories to cherish for a lifetime. Bharti Jewellers understands this confusion and brings to you an exclusive collection for the wedding season that you should not miss. Here are some of our top picks :

This exclusive wedding set is stylish and yet completely suitable for a wedding.Entirely set in gold, this necklace has a very unique and mesmerising design that works well with your modern style and still fuses with the entire wedding theme. The use of red and green precious stones works well to give the necklace an auspicious charm and the golden teardrops at the base along with the diamond and ruby-like stone and the floral centerpiece completes this necklace. It comes with a pair of matching equally charming earrings.

These elegant earrings are perfect for any classy occasion like reception or cocktail party. The royal blue colour is prominent, giving this pair of earrings a very alluring and rich look. The pearls at the base along with the studded diamonds make this a very stunning and unique earring pair to wear this wedding season.

This wedding set borders along the lines of modern trendy jewellery designs along with the traditional wedding theme and does equal justice to both. The colour is green and golden which works perfectly for most wedding outfits and the design is floral yet intricate, giving this entire set a splendid charm. The necklace comes with matching jhumkas and dangling pearls that completes the look of this set.

These bangles are stylish, delicate and yet traditional.The floral engravings and the pattern is intricate and unique enough to dazzle anyone. They’re perfect for this wedding season and are completely based in gold and are charmingly simple yet stylish enough to become your statement piece this wedding season.

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