They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But what’s the way to a woman’s heart? Diamonds, of course.

Diamonds are desired by the world not only for their exquisite beauty and unparalleled lustre but also because diamonds are an epitome of purity, loyalty and love, they stand the test of time and are a woman’s best friend.

Diamonds are timeless and a representation of lifelong promises and companionship. Be it to express true love or something to pass on as a timeless jewellery piece, diamonds are now symbolic to lifelong relationships. So, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day where love is celebrated and promises are replayed, naturally diamonds come into picture.

Every girl wants a diamond pendant she can hold close to her heart or a diamond ring that can always remind her of her loved one. Keeping that in mind, Bharti Jewellers is here with trending diamond jewellery that is perfect for this Valentine’s Day:


Bharti Jewellers presents before you the perfect ring to confess or showcase your love this Valentine’s Day. Whether you are about to propose to your secret crush or you’re planning to cherish old memories by giving your partner a token of love, this ring is the most perfect piece of jewellery. With a huge central heart shaped diamond and a diverging band, this ring shows how your love should be – grand and two-sided. As a sign of commitment with the two bands meeting and the heart shaped diamond, your Valentine’s Day just can’t go wrong with this ring by Bharti Jewellers.


This lovely pair of dangling earrings is perfect to ace your Valentine’s look. If you’re not the overly romantic or lovey-dovey couple, you will want to give your Valentine or buy yourself something that could be worn in everyday or traditional outfits. This pair of earrings is something that can be worn on and even after the Valentine’s Day. With round and baguette shaped diamonds studded in gold, this pair of earrings is perfect for any traditional or fusion outfit.


Love is about commitment and so is giving jewellery as gifts since jewellery is said to last for lifetime. As the famous quote goes, “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend”, it is time to give this necklace on Valentine’s Day to the one person who has stuck by you throughout. Be it your mother or your sister or even your best friend or even yourself, it is time to show your love to the ones that matter. With a teardrop themed band and floral designs on the main necklace, the diamond and gold fuses well together to make this necklace an apt Valentine Day’s jewellery.


If you and your Valentine are not a fan of heavy jewellery or you both love simple and delicate things, this bracelet is perfect. Stylish and trendy, this bracelet perfectly uses golden beads along with teardrop, round and baguette shaped diamonds to create a design that is simple yet unique, classy yet minimal and alluring.

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