When it comes to Indian weddings, the celebration doesn’t last for merely a day. An Indian wedding is a grand affair with numerous functions and ceremonies that last for days and possibly even weeks. In an Indian Wedding, there are a lot of functions to attend like Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Marriage and even the Reception Ceremony. With each function comes the pressure of looking perfect and dressing up to be the spotlight of the event, there is also an opportunity to make a statement with your wedding outfits and unique wedding jewellery.

Each function calls for a different kind of jewellery based on the meaning and rituals to be followed in the ceremony. Haldi & Mehendi require traditional jewellery, cocktail jewellery is worn during Sangeet and during the wedding traditional or temple jewellery is preferred. At the same time, the grand reception look calls for fancy cocktail jewellery.  Bharti Jewellers is here to guide you. It is time to dazzle this wedding season with the ceremony-specific wedding collection by Bharti Jewellers:


This alluring pair of gold earrings is all you need to lift your natural look as the glow of haldi spreads over your skin. These long earrings have the modern style along with the traditional essence of jhumkis at the base. The centerpiece of these earrings have a very exceptional floral pattern with intricate petals inscribed where the whole piece fuses into a flower shape. The base is set to give the whole piece a traditional touch with the use of white pearls against the gold base and delicate spiral designs to form different layers that make the design more complex and noteworthy.


This green gulubandh style necklace is a perfect fit for any Mehendi occasion. Radiating the colour of henna, this set is made with green beads that uplift the charm of this necklace and allow it to give more meaning to your Mehendi ceremony. Incorporating the mala style, this necklace uses jadau centerpieces to complete the fusion of different necklace styles. The green, gold and the white pearls work well to give this necklace a traditional look.


This intricate necklace design set in rose gold and studded with diamonds is enchanting enough to make sure nobody is able to take their eyes off you. The teardrop shaped diamonds the tiny ones bordering them fuse well together to give this piece a quite modern yet heavy look when worn with any wedding outfit.


This necklace is all you need to carry a traditional look for your wedding,  One thing very unique about this set is the small golden pipe-like design alternated with small golden beads and how they work together to give this necklace and very charming and somehow mysterious appeal. As a centrepiece, a padma or lotus is created using various red and white stones and the base has a traditional kundan essence along with dangling golden pearls.


This dazzling pair of earrings is a must-wear to your reception. With the fusion of diamonds and rose gold, these earrings carry a grand and royal look which perfectly fits the whole reception theme. The floral patterns formed by the diamonds and the dangling pattern created with the studded diamonds and rose gold are what make this pair more exclusive and alluring.

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