The festival of lights is here to illuminate not just our houses but also our wardrobes with equally lustrous jewellery. This festival of Goddess Lakshmi is often welcomed with the purchase of new traditional outfits and matching jewellery that radiate just like the sky rejoices with the light of firecrackers during Diwali.

Apart from celebrating a festival with enthusiasm, the craze doubles up when it comes to embellishing yourself with new attires and exclusive festive jewellery. Though this is a trend for every festival, Diwali is one such occasion where every house gets lit with diyas and lamps and every person buys gold or silver jewellery as a mark of auspiciousness, especially during Dhanteras. This is the time when women get to buy and flaunt their best jewellery pieces with intricate and charming designs.

The trend of adorning beautiful jewellery on Diwali has been in vogue for a very long time. This Diwali, Bharti Jewellers has come up with an exclusive Diwali Jewellery Collection that works well with your modern style and still brings along a traditional charm to your overall look. Here are some featured picks for this Diwali :

This guluband is a perfect necklace to go with your traditional outfit. With the green colour of auspiciousness prominent in this necklace designed with delicate floral centerpieces, it works as statement pieces along with pearls fused together to form this intricate design. This necklace is designed to be traditional but not very heavy or messy since it just fits perfectly and lies above the collarbone.

This pair of earrings is a fusion of the traditional chandbali style along with a touch of modern jewellery trends. The earrings begins with a teardrop shaped design and combines the mala style along with the trending chandbali shape towards the base. It is full of emerald-like green precious stones and tiny diamonds and is majorly set in pearls and gold that is a classic choice whenever together. These earrings are a perfect go-to for any occasion, especially Diwali.

This bangle or kada is made with gold and is an ideal Dhanteras purchase. The floral designs on the bangle completed with red, green, white and gold colours bring a very unique and alluring look to this kada. The floral design is accompanied with diamond-like star shaped pattern in red and white, whole of which is bordered with tiny pearls that lift the charm of this bangle. The overall look and design make this kada a perfect fit for any traditional occasion.

If you wish to dress up with a traditional look, this necklace and earring set is made for you. One thing very unique about this set is the small golden pipe-like design alternated with small golden beads and how they work together to give this necklace and very charming and somehow mysterious appeal. As a centrepiece, a padma or lotus is created using various red and white stones and the base has a traditional kundan essence along with dangling golden pearls. The same pattern is perfectly captured in the matching pair of earrings.

This set is a guluband style necklace and earrings set with a complete mala effect. The necklace has two floral corner-pieces enhanced with red beads, the entire central piece of the necklace has a traditional flower formed out of different stones and bordered with red beads to enhance the entire look. The dangling pearl effect completes the look of this necklace and the same comes with a pair of matching earrings.

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