Bamulaiza hoshiyaar, nawab padhar rahe hai!
This sentence surely reminds you of the royal era that we have experienced in India. The beauty of the princesses and queens is unforgettable but more than their blessed genes their choice in excequite jewellery has left us awestruck even through their portraits. 
Bharti Jewellers honours the unforgettable era of India with its Nawabi Collection.
Get ready to experience the royalty with the Bharti Jewellers Nawabi Collection:
These sets are exemplary pieces of intricate design and perfect craftsmanship aiming to make you feel like a complete ‘royalty’. The beautifully cut diamonds with an amazing mixture of gold, emeralds and pearls.
Let your fingers feel the bling of the beautifully cut diamonds and the luxurious designs. Rings of Bharti Jewellers Nawabi Collection are here to make your jaw drop and others look and stare twice!
When we think of royalties, we think of elaborate dresses and more than elaborate jewellery, but for the royalties of 2018, Bharti Jewellery’s Nawabi Collection has designed oh-so-royal earrings which can add the grace of queens to any outfit you adorn.
These bracelets will be equivalent to the many bangles. These beautifully designed bracelets studded with perfectly cut jewels and intricate designs to add the needed shine in your hands.
Relive the royal era with the Nawabi Collection of Bharti Jewellers.