Bharti Jewellers is home to some of the most breathtaking jewellery collections that are made with precision, mesmerising designs and perfection. We have a legacy of over three generations for crafting jewellery that is a part of millions of love stories with the most extravagant luxury collections.
  As we celebrate 53 years of Bharti Jewellers, it is time to look back into the past that holds the roots of our grand legacy. The foundation of Bharti Jewellers was laid by Shri Himmatal Girdharlal Doshi in the year 1965. The company first began with only a section for silver accessories, artifacts and pieces but it’s wasn’t long before the company expanded to diamond and gold jewellery.

  Over time, Bharti Jewellers was taken to its next chapter with the sons Shri Hasmukh Doshi and Shri Vijay H Doshi who supported its expansion from a small family business. When the brothers – Maulik, Ankit and Parth Doshi came into picture, with them came the introduction of Bharti Jewellers to diamond jewellery.
  As the years kept on passing, the business of Bharti Jewellers kept on growing with exclusive designs, especially in bridal jewellery and is till date growing on the branches of tradition and customers trust and preferences. Bharti Jewellers soon became a household choice for silver, gold and diamond jewellery. The third generation of Bharti explored its wings towards mega expositions like Times Glamour and received an award of ‘India’s Most Preferred Jewellers’ in 2017

  Bharti Jewellers aims at bringing to you an array of traditional and contemporary themes and trends fused together in the same jewellery with its unique designs and unparalleled craftsmanship. The quality they provide and the support of its customers has also recently opened doors towards a new store right opposite the street named ‘White Rose’.
  White Rose, an endeavour by Bharti Jewellers is a paradise for all silver, high fashion and gifting jewellery. With its utmost unique designs, White Rose is the place you need to visit for all your special celebrations.
  Bharti Jewellers not only specialises in elegant and exclusive bridal jewellery but also offers a range of jewellery collections like the Nawabi Collection, Red Carpet Collection, Silver Collection, Wedding Collection and more. With Bharti Jewellers, you are offered the most intricate, unique and alluring designs that are fit to complete your ‘shringar’ from head to toe.



  Bharti Jewellers is going to celebrate 53 years of Bharti by offering a flat 53% discount on their making charges! What better excuse do you need to explore our exquisite jewellery designed – with creativity and perfection – especially for you?
Follow our celebration through the hashtag #Celebrating53YearsOfTrust and come visit our stores to avail the discount offers. You can learn more about us and our jewellery here –